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Multiple colors and multiple shapes - simultaneously
• The ability to run multiple colors in a single production run completely eliminates the need to stop mid-run to clean up and change die color.
• Running multiple shapes in the same production run eliminates mid-run die changes.
• Multi-Color heads can be completely removed from the extruder barrel in 10-15 minutes, the extruder can be restarted running single-color, dry kibble full capacity immediately, minimizing switch over downtime.
• The Multi-Color/Multi-Shape system eliminates the costly expense of blending and batching multiple runs to attain the desired finished product color and shape combination.

• The die system is available in 2-, 3-, and 4-color and shape configurations and can produce marbled and bi-color product in both dry and soft-moist.
• All systems are designed to use one die plate and cutter head assembly.
• Liquid dye is injected into the die assembly through high-pressure metering pumps that ensure the highest quality finished product.
• Specific carriers can be used to alter the texture of individual components of a product collection.