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Single Screw Multiple Markets

Single Screw Extrusion System Optimizes Flexibility and Market Opportunities

Optimize the return on your capital investment with a single screw extrusion system. Buy one system and cost-effectively deliver product to multiple market opportunities.

  • One system capable of economy up to super premium fresh meat petfood
  • Aquatic feeds that range from floating to sinking shrimp feed
  • Capitalize on high margin petfood treat opportunities
  • Significantly lower operating cost per ton versus competitive systems

As the chart below demonstrates, an Extru-Tech Single Screw Extrusion System provides all the flexibility and production efficiencies at around half the cost of competitive extrusion systems with high operating costs.

Master Your Aquafeed Universe

Sinking to floating. Sub-millimeter to pellet. When you select an Extrusion Processing System from Extru-Tech, you have a complete Universe with the ability to maintain size yields over 95%. As your business evolves, you have the flexibility to change your finished product without the need for significant capital expenditures.

In an industry where aquafeed can represent 50% of your operation cost, don’t gamble. Contact Extru-Tech and optimize your flexibility and profitability.

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